Silk Road Soda Company

The Silk Road Soda Company (SRS) Inc., started with a friendship that formed from two travelers who met on the other side of the world, in China. These wanderlusters together found a way to express and share their love of food, drink, and culture with the entire world.

Co-founder Payam’s fondest childhood memories began with the sweet smells that emanated from his beloved grandmother’s heavenly kitchen in Tehran, Iran. She prepared and served dishes and drinks that matched every season, including early variations of what would one day inspire Silk Road Soda.

Filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, founders Payam and Srijun added a new sparkle to this nostalgic cultural recipe, and began experimenting within the confines of their US kitchens to create a line of sophisticated and refreshing drinks worthy of Grandma’s approval.

Silk Road Soda Company