Basic Feature


Advanced Feature


Basic Features

New to email marketing? Our simple editor helps you create studio-quality email campaigns without any HTML or design skills. You don’t need a designer to put together a newsletter layout – assemble it yourself in a few easy steps or use one of our free email templates. Create a mailing list in no time, add a ready-made subscription form to your site or blog and hit the send button.


Advanced Features

Manage your bulk email marketing campaigns using our hosted solution. Store your data online and access it from anywhere in the world! Automate your email campaign and send highly targeted campaigns to a segmented list. Test your campaign with AB split tests and analyse your sends with our drill-down reports and Google Analytics integration. Increase client interaction with our social publishing tools and newsletter comments tools.


Did you know?

FlashPoint Results also offers powerful mobile marketing solutions that allow you to send regular SMS/text messages. This includes a free mobile editor
that lets you create mobile sites filled with images, text, forms and videos; pushed to subscribers via a link in the SMS/text.