Social Subscribe Form

Subscription to Newsletters via Social Networks



Grow your mailing list via Facebook,Twitter&Co

Over 80% of users are said to give wrong or incomplete information when filling in web- or subscription forms.

The average social media user has 195 connections. Imagine if you could tap into those connections!

Add the option to subscribe to your newsletter via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others – no need for subscribers to sign up via email address and password anymore!


With Social Subscribe, you can…

  • Tap into simple social email content sharing
  • Create a more personalized user experience
  • Enable cost-effective word of mouth marketing

Interesting facts

  • Social data helps you send more targeted info, and adjust your campaigns to users’ change of preferences or location
  • Research shows that if you personalize the experience between you and your subscribers, they are 50% more likely to return to your site, and 40% more likely to recommend you to others (Blue Inc study 2012)
  • Let’s face it, it’s a mission to create new accounts for every site and subscription; often, forms are long, and Passwords get forgotten. Your subscribers will love a quick newsletter sign up via their Facebook connection!
  • As per Blue Inc 2012, consumers often provide faulty information when subscribing via a form, with the majority admitting that they have given incomplete or incorrect information