Why Video Works


Once you have decided that you need a more strategic approach to video, the next step is to create and then manage your strategy. We recommend evaluating each of the areas of your existing digital marketing plan and identifying where and how video can help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives. We typically work with our clients to evaluate the following elements:


Brand Awareness – Consider the platforms you use for your video (private IPTV to public YouTube & Vimeo), as well as using video as the medium – video ads, advertising on video platforms and exploiting social video.

Driving Traffic – Review how you use video to improve SEO rankings, actively drive targeted traffic, your strategy for YouTube and other video platforms and video PPC

Improving Response – Evaluate how you use video on your site throughout the user experience – to engage, drive calls to action, convert.

Increasing Revenue – Ensure you are maximising revenue from video assets

Measure for Success – Track, analyse and test all elements of your video strategy, just as you do with all other components of your marketing strategy.

People and Partners – Assess where and how you can use video to train, educate, engage and support your staff, suppliers and customers.

Manage and Control – How you manage the production, approvals, deployment and then maintenance of your video assets alongside your other business content.