Automated Ordering Video Wizard


  1. Unrivalled Quality – Outstanding Video and Audio Clarity
  2. Simple Installation – Easily added to Your Website
  3. No Recurring Fees – Pay Once, Use Forever

Option 1: Small Business Starter Package

A no frills, simple, automated system to build your own video. It allows you to go through 6 simple steps, and receive top quality videos at very affordable prices. These costs are only possible because the system is automatic, and needs no “agency” style service or expert man hours. Prices from $449 / £269 / €314.
If you need personal service and guidance, please go to option 2 below.

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Option 2: Agency Service

If you want us to provide an “agency”/producer support service, providing high end corporate video with options for storyboarding, increased production values, interactive graphics or after effects, please email us using the enquiry form on the right.

Standard video examples:
– Walk on (Virgin Holidays)
– Appear full body, then half body close up (Fitbug / Bupa)

Video examples with special effects:
– With added graphics/text (Admiral Technology)
– With post production effects and specialist timed graphics (Saverpassport)
– With Special effects and sophisticated graphics (Syndicate Card)
– With 3D graphics, plus all the above (Xpert HR)